LOCKDOWN DIARY - Planting fruit trees and rose bushes

Another day socially distancing ourselves. Today we planted fruit trees and rose bushes in the garden.

The plan is to have a mini orchard one day. We planted 3 varieties of apple in the front yard. We used general purpose compost and some topsoil as well as some compost made from leftover apple scratting. No idea if the apple scratting compost is of any nutritional value but my theory was in a natural environment, an apple trees base would usually be surrounded by decaying fruit so it made sense, If anyone had further knowledge on this - please let me know!

We also planted some rose bushes. We planted these with the same method and as close to the stone wall as we can. I want to eventually tie them to the wall and use them as a sort of wall covet - not that my wall isn't lovely to look at but because I really like the abandoned overgrowing cottage garden look. Our house is from the 1800s and I would love the garden to look as if it was from this time as well. 

We planted a second peach tree in the walled garden but when it came to unwrapping the root ball it looked like there were no new roots at all. We have planted it anyway just incase and adding some rooting hormone but looks like this could be one that won't survive.

Also had a tidy of the back garden beds and the pear and plum trees are looking great in their second season and we hope for some fruit this year.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32uFZ4EZHTE


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