LOCK DOWN DIARY - Today we planted potatoes and had a bbq!

Despite the current situation worldwide and the anxiety I have been waking up with, I had a surprisingly enjoyable day today. Due to the lockdown, Richard had an unexpected day off from work and we decided to work in the garden. 

We started off the day with a delivery of compost from MEDWYNS OF ANGLESEY. A great local company who can supply you with basically all you need to grow fruit and veg. We decided to pot up a few seedlings, plant our bags of spuds out and enjoy the beautiful sunny day. 

Because Richard is growing them as show potatoes he plants them singularly in potato bags with 100% peat compost, this ensures a blemish-free skin for the show bench. There is at least half the seed potatoes left so I will probably plant these in buckets for eating(we also eat the others after they've had the prize specimens taken out).

Whilst we were doing the spuds we also lit the rusty old bbq and cooked up some delicious meat from LLECHWEDD MEATS in Llangefni, also another small local business. We will try our best to support local businesses during this horrible time. 

There was also stewed onions from last years harvest and potato kebabs from last years spuds. It's rewarding to be eating something from last years crop whilst planting this year. 


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