Today we have sown leeks, shallots and cabbage. 

The shallots are the Zebrune variety. They are a banana shallot and you grow them from seed. I sowed some in January but they didn't germinate so today I tried some more. They won't be ready till late in the season but are worth the wait. A banana shallot has the flavour of a normal shallot but has the characteristics of an onion. You plant a seed which grows into an onion. You cannot plant these from a bulb and they do not split to produce more. 

We also planted leeks, as last year I completely forgot until it was too late. I really enjoy baby leeks fries in butted or with pasta. I sowed these into a tray and will transplant when they are pencil-thick into the soil at the allotment. 

See the source imageAlso sowed some sweetheart cabbages, these are my fave as no too dark. They heart up quickly and are delicious with butter and pepper. 

Once they are a decent size and at less risk from slugs, I will plant them outside in firm soil and net them from the pesky butterflies. 


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