Wild Raspberry

Wild raspberry, as well as wild strawberries, are one of those hedgerow harvests I feel particularly pleased when I find.

Wild raspberries are one of those fruits despite growing at the allotment, I get rather giddy to collect. I actually had no idea that it even existed and could easily have passed many wild raspberries and just assumed they were under-ripe blackberries. It wasn't until we moved to our cottage in Anglesey I realised what they were. One day I was out collecting blackberries and came across in the hedge what looked like a very deep red blackberry, not thinking it was ready I left it and came back a couple of days later and saw that the birds had been feasting on the fruit before I had a chance. Where the birds had pecked it off the bush it came off the bush, they had left the core behind. I picked another myself to inspect and realised it had left a cavity in the cluster of tiny berries like my raspberries in the plot does. I popped the fruit in my mouth and it has that distinct fruity flavour from a raspberry.
Now every year I make sure to collect these berries sometimes just one a day is ready but I will pick them anyway and enjoy their sweet taste before the birds beat me to it!

You will usually find this berry in mixed woodland areas, clearing and roadsides. It has compound leaves with serrated leaves and tiny red thorns on the stem. A small white flower will appear in summer and be followed by the fruit. You know the fruit is ripe to pick when you pull it and it comes away east without breaking any of the stems. 

The berry can be used in the same way we use a shop bought or homegrown raspberry but with much more pleasure knowing it was entirely free!


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