Collect the leaves from the highest point to ensure no dogs have used it as a toilet and give it a wash before using with freshly caught fish for a true wild coastal meal or wait for the seeds to appear later in the season and use them to fragrant your favourite curry and rice dishes! 

Fennel is not native to Britain but still seems to pop up in coastal areas.
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Identify it by its very fine leaves and distinct aniseed aroma. The leaves appear around March and the seeds towards late summer and autumn. 
This bush was found in the side if the road in a beautiful seaside town in Anglesey. Within a few minutes, we took it back to the beach with us and wrapped it together with freshly caught mackerel in a dampened newspaper and steamed on the campfire.  It added an amazing flavour and complimented the dish with the added satisfaction that it was grown less than metres away.


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