UK FORAGING – Books I recommend

UK FORAGING – Books I recommend


These are my usual go to books for foraging in the wild or hedgerows for edible plants.
At the moment I don’t harvest mushrooms, as I haven’t got enough knowledge on this but will learn more in the future.

My first ever book on wild food I read was this one in the Self Sufficiency range of books. It still is my go to book for harvesting from the wild, as I have a lot of notes scribbled in it about where I have found each plant and what time of year etc
I really like this book for a beginner as it has information on plants, fruits, nuts and seafood. There are a few other books in the same series that I have. So far I have the bee keeping, home brew and soap making.

The other book I would definitely recommend is the River Cottage Handbook Hedgerow. This is also a fantastic book and goes into great details for a huge amount of UK native plants and herbs.

If you wish to know more about other sources of wild food, there is a seashore book, fishing book and a home brew book with wild brew recipes available too.


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