Gooseberry Sparkling Wine

As a celebration tipple on Christmas day we enjoyed cracking open one of my 2016 bottles of Gooseberry Sparkling Wine.

The wine itself was made using this recipe

Instead of using mixed fruit I used just gooseberries.  The method is pretty simple, as you can see from his recipe, only 24 hours before pitching the yeast I used a crushed Campden tablet to kill any natural yeasts and bacteria and I also used pectolase.

After leaving them to ferment for a week, I sieved away from the fruit and transferred into a demijohn to carry on fermenting. Once the bubbles were slow I added the final batch of sugar in water solution and racked to a demijohn I racked the wine every month or so for about 3 months.

After this I siphoned the wine into used champagne bottles(thoroughly cleaned and sterilised). I added 1 tsp per bottle of regular sugar and sealed with champagne corks and cages. After this I left the champagne in a warm place for about 6 months to let the residual yeast turn the extra sugar into alcohol and cause bubbles.

I chilled the wine before serving and it was a great hit.


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