Blackberry jam

I have been making jam for soo long a d normally I go for a mixed fruit one but a few days ago I had the most amazing blackcurrant icecream in Bodanant Gardens and really wanted to make something similar. I decided that i had plenty of blackberries in the freezer and this would be a great substitute for the blackcurrant ripple.
The recipe I used for my jam was equal parts sugar to fruit. For this particular batch it was 200g of each
I put the the fruit in a pan over medium heatband waited for the sugar to dissolve. I then put a sugar thermometer into the mixture and let it boil up to 107c.
Earlier I had washed and sterilized a jar in the dishwasher and left to air dry. I poured the hot mixture into the jar and put the lid on to cool! If you can touch the jar and it isn’t too hot turn it upside down to cool!
Serve in your fave recipes or store in a cool dry place! Once opened keep refrigerated.


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