New Allotment Diary - first look

Yay! Finally, a new allotment near our new home. This makes me unbelievably excited. If you can imagine having an allotment which we loved and spent two years working so hard on, but sadly had to give up as we moved out of the area - this put a real downer on our house excitement. The garden at the cottage is so small and there is no room to grow veg. It was a great day to finally receive an email saying we are second on the list and would we like to come for an appointment to pick a plot(there were four to choose from)

On Saturday I visited in the rain and cold and was greeted by a lovely lady who showed me around (from the worst plot to the best). We picked the best! It wasn't the most tidiest or weed free but it was very big and had alot of space, with the added benefit of being on the edge of the site, so lots of privacy etc - we are not sociable people!

The next day we returned in the sun, it was a lovely day. The sun was blazing and it was very warm. We took a better look at the plot and was excited to find a shed we could use and a big water tank. Also on the plot, there was a very well established raspberry bed, rhubarb bed, gooseberry and currants.

Under the masses of tires, pallets and carpets we could just about make out some borders from wood and we made Sundays mission to figure out was under there and see if we could put it to some use.


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