Filo pear tarts


We  found a cute pear tree the other day and decided to bake filo pastry tarts.

I have never baked filo tarts before, so this was a bit of a practice run but they tasted fantastic!


1 Cup of brown sugar
1 cup of melted butter
1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon
6 large pears
1 pack of filo pastry


Peel, chop and core the pears
In a bowl sprinkle on the sugar and cinnamon
Cut the filo pastry sheets into 8 sqaures
Layer the pastry into cupcake tray alternating between the butter and pastry
Spoon in the pear mixture
Brush on a melted butter glaze
Bake in a hot oven approx 180*c but ovens may vary untill olden brown and the mixture starts to bubble
Leave to cool on a wire tray
Once cool ENJOY!


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