Why I wanted an allotment..

I’ve always been passionate about food. I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe or ingredients. I am also a huge lover of historical buildings and gardens, and where we live in Wales has soo much of that to offer. I have spent many years exploring the area and its historical past but it wasn’t until one late summers day where I realised the two were connected so well.
I was exploring one of my favourite country house when I wandered through a rustic wooden gate surrounded by an old brick wall. The view hit me, it was mesmerising. Rows of manicured boxed hedges framing the massive amounts vegetables and fruit. All enclosed by high walls with climbing soft fruit trailing up them. A medieval style kitchen garden restored to its former glory.
I spent hours in there wondering through the perfectly kept garden reading any tag I could find for snippets of information of these amazing plants. Examining every apple, plum or pear I could, imagining the delicious recipes I could make with them.
After reluctantly leaving the gardens , I went home and immediately called my local allotment association. These fruits and vegetables had captured me. I needed to be able to grow my own.


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